Flower Garden Installation
Saturday, July 22
6pm River Market West Streetcar Stop

Alberto Racanati is a contemporary jazz musician originally from Italy and now working and living in Kansas City. Performing under the moniker “
Alber,”  Alberto’s music is deeply influenced by his connection to the city and his survey of its various musical cultures. A studious evaluation of these cultures creates a cohesive composition that tells the story of Kansas City’s musical history. A synth-heavy electronic beat describes the bright lights of downtown and playful trumpet melodies gestures to the rich jazz history. Music that engages many generations and many cultures can culminate in a musical cocktail that pushes the boundary of what music can be. Hopefully, eventually, this boundary pushing will provide a foundation for future musicians.

Instagram| www.instagram.com/alber_sounds/
Spotify | https://open.spotify.com/artist/5nJQi88KO8UbkSHDUb57ZS?si=uwJLJtZkSKqeGLkNnyZzww&nd=1