Amado Espinoza, along with the newly formed theatrical collective We are the Landscape will perform traditionally-influenced dances and original music from the pre-colonized Americas and beyond in honor of the summer solstice. Called Inti Raymi (Quechua for Festival of the Sun), this celebration is an offering of gratitude, a way to come together as a community and appreciate the diversity of all our origins.

Utilizing a variety of world instruments and rhythms, the live music and dance will take center stage. In accordance to the spoken heart-cleansing ritual from the Kitu-Kara tribe from the Andes, the elements of earth, wind, fire, and water will be invoked to help free us from fear, indifference, and hate.

Honoring the wisdom of our pre-colonized ancestors as the source of our artistic production, We are the Landscape share, through art, the resilience of the immigrant journeys which has brought us all here to Kansas City. We weave together creativity, spirituality and community to inspire people of all backgrounds to bridge back to nature.

Date and Location

Inti Raymi will be performed on Friday, June 24, 11:30 a.m. in IIlus Davis Park, 11th St & Oak St Kansas City, MO 64106

BioAmado Espinoza en vivo

Amado Espinoza’s music is rooted in the spiritual traditions of the Andes mountains, while drawing inspiration from his musical-wanderlust personality. He demonstrates a mastery of dozens of native instruments, including the Bolivian Charango, the Egyptian doumbek and various woodwind instruments.  He is a recipient of an ArtsKC inspiration grant to produce and compose music for a theatrical collaboration called “We Are The Landscape.”   He has performed at various events, including TEDxKC, and will be joining Ensemble Iberica in concert later this year.