A Net Full of Hope

In our divisive society, much exists that serves to further a sense of separateness. Despite this, well­spoken poetry remains as unifying a force as it has ever been. The written/spoken word yields influence on the common fabric of our lives. It can connect threads of human experience­­love, loss, anger, hunger for justice, grief­­ by weaving in hope. There seems to be a frequent urge to cast stones at one another. What my poetry suggests and demonstrates is the casting of hope in written/spoken form.


Billings will perform between 11:30 and 1:30, on Thursday,  August 11 in Oppenstein Park, at 12th & Walnut.


Annette Hope Billings is known for the dramatic presentation of her work. She is an award-winning poet, actress and playwright. Her most recent collection of poetry is “A Net Full of Hope,” available on Amazon.


Twitter: annettebilling3