Multi-instrumentalist Amado Espinoza, along with Brendan Culp, will perform music from around the globe – with a twist: their instruments are made from recycled materials and found objects! Constructed by Amado himself, you will hear a classical Arabic flute made out of a broom, an Andean pan-flute made from dried-up markers, a Bolivian guitar made from a cookie tin, and much more, inspiring listeners of all ages to use their imagination and help protect our environment. A concert to indulge the eyes and ears!

Date and Location

This performance will be held on Wednesday, June 22, 5:30 p.m. at the Kansas City Public Library at the 2022 Art in the Loop Kick Off Event.


Amado Espinoza’s music is rooted in the spiritual traditions of the Andes mountains, while drawing inspiration from his musical-wanderlust personality.

Espinoza is a unique performing artist, composer and instrument maker from Cochabamba, Bolivia, that respects his folk traditions of the Andes Mountains while creating compositions that are sincere to his musical-wanderlust personality. A graduate of Milan Conservatory in Cochabamba, Bolivia, Amado specializes in the Bolivian Charango, yet demonstrates skill in hand percussion and native flutes from different cultures around the globe. The master craftsmanship of the instruments he constructs, whether it be from wood, metal, coconut or recycled pvc, makes the process of his music-making more organic, innovative, and often surprising.

He co-founded Resonation Music and Arts, LLC with theatre-artist Karen Lisondra to use educational programming to inspire curiosity and respect for world cultures through music, dance, and storytelling.