Transient Harmony

Transient Harmony is a sound installation and performance that will be presented by Mnemosyne Quartet along the KC streetcar line. Transient Harmony will encompass the streetcar line between 9th and 14th street. It will unify the urban soundscape with transported electronic sound environments via live performance and will create an alternative to people’s expectation of the KC streetcar experience. Members of the quartet will travel with passengers presenting live music, while a newly created mobile app will allow Mnemosyne to connect with downtown residents both on and off the streetcar. While live performance will occur only along the streetcar line, residents will be able to experience the unification of Kansas City’s urban soundscape through the app.

Through the introduction of pre­recorded environments, passengers will be transported to such alternative locales as the Tallgrass Prairie, the Kansas City Speedway, and Union Station. These environments will be manipulated live and broadcast to the app. In addition to electronic music, Transient Harmony will feature Bass Clarinet, Alto Saxophone, and Baritone Saxophone performers. The Transient Harmony project will give a new dimension to the traditional streetcar trip by adding new and interesting experiences to the commuter and visitor alike.

Date and Location

On September 2nd from 11:30 to 1:30PM Mnemosyne quartet will employ the power of sound to transport Kansas City streetcar passengers beyond the boundaries of the line to favorite Kansas City destinations, such as: The Zoo, Union Station, and The Kansas Speedway. For those passengers brave enough to participate, Mnemosyne encourages the streaming of our digital content, via your handheld device. The experience begins at the 14th street stop going north.  Please join us for Transient Harmony.

To stream: Download Mixlr and search for MnemosyneQuartet


Mnemosyne Quartet is a Kansas City-based ensemble dedicated to multimedia collaboration, commissioning composers, and developing a distinctive language of crafted improvisation inspired by the environments with which they perform. Whether performing in a concert hall, bar, outdoor plaza, or elevator, Mnemosyne considers their venue an integral part of the concert experience. The quartet’s atypical instrumentation of bass clarinet, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, and electronics yields a unique stylistic palette that provokes creativity within the ensemble and their collaborators. By embodying electronics as an equal member of the quartet, a distinguishing feature of Mnemosyne includes the integration of old and new technologies fused with live performance.

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