This mild steel sculpture is nestled into the earth, either emerging or sinking in, depending on your perspective. This abstract sculpture, comprised of triangles and polygons, resembles the form of a human head. The sculpture, entitled Breathe, is facing skyward—leaving the viewer to ponder if the head is daydreaming or sleeping.

The surface of the artwork has a pattern of cell-like shapes cut out of the metal, allowing light and air to pass through the piece. The holes grow from the base of the neck to the top of the head from small to large. The holes give a visual idea of the sensation of breathing. The sculpture is inspired by rest. It is the artist’s hope that this artwork will draw people in for a closer examination and give space for stillness and reflection.


City Market Park is located at 3rd and Main Street, directly west of the City Market.


Beth Nybeck is a large scale metal sculptor working the West Bottoms in Kansas City. Nybeck works to create interactive and engaging abstract artwork for cities across the country.