Darrius’s Garden: An ode to my brother and how a sustainable environment could have saved him by Devin Edwards

Darrius’s Garden is a depiction of a crusader in his garden watering his flowers as bees fly around and on the flower, while flower petals blow in the wind. The crusader is the main focus of the piece because of his symbolic nature and is a nod toward everyday heroes. He is, simply, a kid who dresses up in a homemade Batman costume – but with it, does so much more…helping his community and raising the mindset of his peers. Creating a sustainable place to further the development of our Kansas City Eastside youth and their futures. In this piece, our character is seen watering a field of flowers. 

“Black Lilies” are the flowers growing in this field. These flowers represent our KC youth, and just like the lilies, we must keep giving them water to assist in growth towards confident creation and powerful futures. 

The bees represent knowledge, pollinating the youth with answers to their burning questions, and the tools to build an empire. The petals flowing through the wind are a visual representation of the spreading knowledge.

Like a light in the night, the crusader provides the building blocks for enlightenment among our city’s people. 


Devin Edwards is an artist from the Eastside of Kansas City, Missouri. He graduated from Paseo School of the Arts in 2016. He then spent two years at the Kansas City Art Institute before embarking on his art career and creating my cartoon character “The Crusader”. The crusader is a child that takes on the likeness of Batman and bravely goes out into the world, taking challenges by the proverbial bull-horns, all with a deeply-rooted purpose of helping his community. The reason why he dresses up like Batman is to basically throw dirt on the ideology that you have to be rich or have superpowers to make a difference in this world.

Instagram: www.Instagram.com/Halfmoonstudioz