Then & Now

Then and Now will feature American music from the Colonial period to the present performed on period-appropriate instruments. This unique performance will allow the audience to experience music as it was performed in early America and hear how it changed over the years. The United States has a rich musical heritage full of innovation and nationalism. This performance not only allows exposure to classical music, it promotes and premieres music by American composers.


With a keen ear and smile, Matthew brings a joyful dedication to his work in orchestral music, the avant­garde, music education, and historical research. He has been a member of the Tulsa Symphony Orchestra, the Taneycomo Festival Orchestra, and the Eutin Opera Orchestra in Germany. His solo and chamber recital work has included Juilliard’s Morse Concert Hall, NYC’s Advent Lutheran Church, and The Lied Center of Kansas. In teaching, Matthew has served as Guest Violin Professor at Pittsburg State University, Director of Chamber Music Studies at Bishop Seabury Academy, and private pupils for 11 years. In his own education, he immerses himself in music otherwise forgotten ­­ bringing the works and lives of Colonial American composers to print and to practice.