Resilient Encoded sits atop the 28,911 letters that represent the genetic sequence of SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). Through practicing resilience we will continue to weather the ambiguity and concern this pandemic has brought. With resilience, our species has persevered through the most overwhelming of Nature’s obstacles. This is not the first pandemic humanity has seen, nor will it be the last.

DNA is comprised of nucleotides (A G C T), and viruses are also constructed with this same genetic structure. In Resilient Encoded, the small font of the nucleotides invites the viewer into the image to recognize that this combination of tiny letters is what has so drastically affected the human experience. “Resilience” has erased many of the letters of the genetic sequence, just as this genetic sequence continues to remove so much life from this planet. 


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Robert Castillo is a musician, composer, and visual artist native to Kansas City. After receiving formal education as a jazz bassist, Castillo taught himself to paint in the spring of 2018. Using a variety of mediums including oil, gouache, and spray paint, Castillo creates everything from realistic portraits to refined geometric abstraction. His work speaks to the times while simultaneously expressing his personal experience as a first-generation American.

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