SKYWAVE™ the gradual color-changing energy efficient LED lights illuminate the suspended pathway above Walnut Street/12th, simulating a synesthetic experience for those in Downtown Kansas City. At night, the walkway becomes a dynamic light sculpture visible from the street and Oppenstein Brothers Memorial Park. In the daytime, vinyl wave contours will be visible on the sky bridge windows to infer the translation between sound waves and light waves. Look for SKYWAVE™ to appear September 10th through October 15th.
SKYWAVE™ is part of the GREEN NOTE PROJECT™, a public artwork installation series with related interactive show collaborations and immersive workshops, based on our mission as artrepreneurs to create illuminating experiences for and about our community. We hope to inspire people to think creatively through artistic multi-sensory engagement and experimentation, as we have through our research of the color green. We employ natural, scientific, technological and cross-collaborative elements and themes throughout our project. They highlight the currency of creativity and collaboration.
Look for GREEN NOTE PROJECT™ installations at various other regional locations TBA. More info:
The GREEN NOTE PROJECT™is supported in part by Art in the Loop as well as the Kansas Creative Arts Industries Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment of the Arts.


This illuminated installation is located in the suspended walkway connecting 1201 Walnut and The Town Pavilion crossing Walnut st. in Downtown KC.


White Art Studio artists, Shannon and Darin M. White, collaborate to create innovative and often interactive public artwork from their visual art studio located in Lawrence, near Kansas City.  They enjoy working together as artrepreneurs, designers, and cultural producers out of a passion for what makes life worth living and engaging the community through their art to empower them to imagine a bright future


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