‘Flower Garden’ Interview with Madeline Marak

Flower Garden

‘Flower Garden’ Interview with Madeline Marak

Flower Garden
Madeline Marak and Art in the Loop will be installing the ‘Flower Garden’ at the River Market West Streetcar Stop, and everyone’s invited to help! We interviewed the artist to learn more about the process of creating the ‘Flower Garden’ Stop by to help make the flower garden grow. Local musician ‘Alber’ will also be there to play and celebrate!

July 22 from 6-9 pm at the River Market West Streetcar Stop
Featuring music by Alber

What is the goal with ‘Flower Garden’?

Flower Garden is a colorful, layered relief sculpture that celebrates creativity and community collaboration. I gathered drawings that kids left behind at the children’s art studio I work for to create the flower shape designs. After scanning the drawings and laser cutting them out of colored acrylic, the public gets to use their creativity to make their own stacked flowers that stay for the duration of the installation. I hope the piece reminds someone of a time they were creative and inspires them to be creative in whatever form that takes. 


How has this project differed from your previous work?

In previous public art projects, I have used materials such as steel rods and reflective tape to create framing devices for viewing the landscapes in which the sculptures were placed. For this project, I wanted to propose something lighter and more colorful while staying close to materials you might find in an urban environment. 


What are you most excited about for the community event on July 22?

I am very excited to see how participants interact with the piece and what responses they have. Art-making can bring up memories, feelings, fun conversations, and so much more. I can’t wait to see the color combinations and layering the public creates. I can imagine how I might layer acrylic flower shapes onto a streetcar shelter, but the best part about public engagement is seeing all the different ways others approach creativity. 


How did you decide on the base background?

The base background of stylized leaf shapes is similar to the start of any garden. First, there are seedlings, then buds, and then flowers. I wanted there to be layers of growth happening throughout the installation to show my creative process of making the Flower Garden project. 


What has been your experience with Art in the Loop before this?

As a newcomer to Kansas City, my first experience of Art in the Loop was the Streetcar ‘Darrius’s Garden’ by Devin Edwards. It was such a thrill to board a piece of moving art with bold, bright colors and such a unique stylistic expression. I was very inspired.


Why did you submit a project this year?

I love how much public art there is in Kansas City. The public projects I’ve done in the past have all been cherished experiences. I was excited to have the opportunity to engage with the Kansas City community through art. 


Thank you, Madeline Marak, for sharing more about your art and story!

For more information about Madeline’s artwork and the other artists featured this year, visit www.artintheloop.com

The 2023 Art in the Loop Project is made possible through the generous support of the KC Streetcar Authority, JE Dunn, Henderson Engineers, Stinson LLP, and other corporate partners. This project is funded in part by the City of Kansas City, Missouri Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund, as well as by awards from the Missouri Arts Council, ArtsKC, and the Richard J. Stern Foundation for the Arts – Commerce Bank Trustee.

Project partners include the Downtown Council, Downtown Community Improvement Districts, KC Streetcar, and the Kansas City Art Institute.

For more information about the project and the artists, visit www.artintheloop.com or www.facebook.com/artintheloop

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